“We all know what the problems are, and we all know what we have promised to achieve. What is needed now is not more declarations or promises, but action to fulfill the promises already made.”

—Kofi Annan Former Secretary-General, United Nations

Human Rights Challenges

In Larger Freedom: Towards Development, Security and Human Rights for All

By Kofi Annan Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

A United Nations’ Report of 26 May 2005, this paper presents an incisive overview of the predominant causes of human rights violations, and what actions the Member States of the UN must take to ensure the aims of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are actually achieved.

Included therein:

Human Rights Challenges

  1. Poverty and global inequities
  2. Discrimination
  3. Armed conflict and violence
  4. Impunity
  5. Democracy deficits
  6. Weak institutions

The Challenges of Implementation

  1. The knowledge gap
  2. The capacity gap
  3. The commitment gap
  4. The security gap

Mr. Annan further outlines the goals and strategies for turning international human rights into reality “so individual people and communities see a real difference in their lives.”

To read the full text of the report, go to www.un.org/largerfreedom/contents/htm